Amazing Selling Machine 12 Review [NEW 2021]

Amazing Selling Machine 12 2021

New 4th January 2021 Review

Is Amazing Selling Machine Good and Worth the Price in 2021?

Amazon ecommerce business

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I don’t really know how to properly explain whether is Amazing Selling Machine a scam or a good investment in your future apart from my own opinion based on years of research and actually doing online entrepreneurship and marketing. Here is what I can see and predict happening in the near future, and it’s been happening for the last decade in the entire business industry whether someone likes it or not.

Commerce is a massive part of the whole global market and for the last 20 years, it’s been subsequently transiting to E-Commerce, the Big Whale Amazon eating the in time super popular stores like Walmart or Costco. Is  Walmart or Costco out of business because of Amazon? Of course not, at least not yet, they have a massive budget, but the huge chunk of the market that all stores lost because of is huge.

So why am I saying all of this and not talking about the New Amazing Selling Machine course?

Here is the thing. It may look like Amazon company is just eating all businesses as a huge monopoly owned by one world-richest greedy man, which in the sense is true. But what is, in reality, as well happening under the surface at the same time, is that millions of normal people are getting out of their own misery by starting their own e-commerce businesses, business brands, and branded products that other people need and buy all around the world.

And the simplest and fastest sure way to do this is taught by the creators of Amazing Selling Machine 12 as well as top Amazon e-commerce sellers in the world.

I do not agree with the monopoly corporational system, but when it’s actually built out from the individuality of others then it doesn’t look that evil bad.

Is the exponential growth in technology avoidable? Is it bad? Is it good?

These are the answers that cannot be answered by me or anyone else as a definite answer to humanity. All I can understand and say from my philosophical point of view is that the new technology is a tool that can be used (as a hammer for example) for good or bad. We are surrounded by great tools on this planet and in these modern days more than ever in history, and those tools (like Amazing Selling Machine training and tools) can create great things for us, bringing more freedom and happiness to our enough stressed lives that we live. So how each individual person going to USE those TOOLS is up to them, good or bad, there is no one who can control that decision.

Now back to the Amazing Selling Machine and some facts.

Is It a Scam or a High-Value Product?


Matt Clark Amazing



Over the last 8 or 9 years since ASM first launched to the public and when the founder and current CEO Matt Clarke found huge success in starting an e-commerce business on Amazon out of pure desperation getting out of his boring bank office job, each year they delivered up to the expectations. The legitimacy and high value of the training and unique software tools are not just backed by the co-creators of the course but also by hundreds of success stories that they receive every year.

Now, here is a little disclaimer that I must say so there is no confusion. The fully brand new training and software that the guys from Amazing got are Top Class, and when implemented and put into action as taught, it works, no doubt.

It’s been verified by many experts and normal people, not just me.

But how everyone is going to use it and the action they take is another thing. In other words, you can give the same tools and training to 100 people with the desire to use them, and each person is going to use them differently and create a different outcome/result.

Each person with a strong desire to start an online e-commerce business should ask this question in order to find the answer.

What are your expectations, commitment, and ability to take action when it comes to starting and managing your own one-man business?

Having and running your own business, even when it’s online, can be hard at times, especially from the start, and you must be comfortable with uncertainty and do whatever it takes to overcome any obstacle in an ethical way.

The set of tools and hours of supreme training you get with the Amazing Selling Machine cannot be found anywhere else, guaranteed.

Now let’s answer the question if it’s worth the price of $4997?


Instead of answering like any other reviewers reviewing ASM, either It’s definitely worth it or it’s not worth it at all, again, I feel like I must say this.

I believe it’s truly up to each person if five thousand of dollars for the course and software tools to start your eCom business is a fair price. I don’t know you and who you are, and even if I did, I cannot dictate what you think.

You must ask yourself.

What is Your Price for Financial and Personal Freedom?

It’s critical that you ask yourself this question and answer it honestly deep from your heart in order to determine the true answer.

For example, when I was starting an online business and entrepreneurship almost a decade ago, I wasn’t that serious about it and $5000 dollars looked like a lot of money to me that I wouldn’t invest. But as the years went by and I was making money online every now and there, I became more serious about my business and saw things completely differently. Five thousand wasn’t a whole lot of money to invest in all training and tools needed to start a profitable business. The vision must be there and followed.

Or here is another example.

Look at the young people that pay tens of thousands of dollars for the education and after several years and thousands in debt, they get out of school with nothing except some specialized knowledge about the subject that they were studying. They don’t know how to start a business and what to do in order to become truly financially and personally free.

So again, Does $4997 look so much now?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

It’s up to you to make up your mind 🙂


I also wanted to give an overview of the course, all the training modules, and what is in it, but I would be just repeating everything that can be found on their website so here you go.

Amazing Selling Machine overview and what’s in it can be found here



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