12-Day Giveaway: 2021 Profit Plan Business Bootcamp

2021 Profit Plan Business Bootcamp

We recently reviewed one of the hottest and most anticipated e-Commerce training programs to be released, The KIBO Code Quantum, if you haven’t yet, go ahead and check it out. But today I would like to share with everyone the FREE Annual 12-day giveaway that Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton do every year. It’s a 2021 Business Profit Plan Bootcamp where they lay down their business strategy plan for the entire year and share it with others for Free!

It’s definitely something to look at, it’s free, no cost or risk involved, and they share pretty amazing information from behind the scenes of their businesses.

12-Day Giveaway Workshop Schedule Review

12-day giveaway workshop review

– From the Desk of Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth –

During the workshop:

  • We’ll share our ‘2021 Profit Plan’, and the steps we recommend you take to make this your best year yet.
  • Give away $4,000 in cash… just get registered to be in the draw, and tune in to find out if you’re the winner.
  • A BIG announcement about what’s coming in less than 2 weeks time, and why we think it’s important
  • Business booby traps to avoid at all costs
  • Simple things you can do to stack the odds in your favor
  • What we’ll do differently in 2021 (and what you should do differently too!)
  • SoloPreneur hacks, things you can do to grow your business faster
  • The business matrix, and what’s working NOW
  • Why we think it’s mission critical that 2021 is your breakthrough year
  • And MUCH more…

Get registered now, and tune in to get all the goodness:


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